Micro Sprayers

When every drop of water counts, consider micro sprayers. Micro sprayers are a type of micro irrigation wherein spray nozzles are attached to risers above the ground, spraying water out to surrounding plants in a gentle arch.

Perfect for when drip irrigation is inappropriate, micro sprayers allow you to keep the soil constantly moist for beautiful foliage. With full-circle, half-circle or 90-degree spray options, no matter what your garden looks like, there is a suitable micro sprayer for you.

With Auckland’s unpredictable weather, micro sprayers give you a reliable and effective irrigation solution to keep your flowers blooming and your shrubs healthy. With micro sprayers, water is delivered where it is required – and nowhere else.

Micro sprayers encourage healthy soil with little precipitation making them a water-efficient option. This low volume irrigation solution is ideal for small spaces like shrubs or fruit trees, flower beds or backyard veggie patches and even green houses.

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