Lawn Irrigation Systems – Auckland Wide

A beautiful home deserves a beautiful lawn. A neatly trimmed, lush green lawn is satisfying in itself but it can also act as a canvas for the textures and colours of the garden around it. Some say that if you haven’t got a good lawn, you haven’t got a good garden – who doesn’t like to take their shoes off and walk barefoot on the grass?

Planting the right grass seed is important and so is feeding a lawn and mowing it well. But a regular watering schedule is also key to keeping it looking good. It’s especially important in areas of heavy use and in areas with only shallow soil depths. Here in Auckland, only short periods of hot, dry weather can quickly deplete a lawn’s water reserves.

However, maintaining a healthy green lawn doesn’t have to be hard work. Automatic sprinkler systems allow you to keep your lawns green without endlessly dragging around hoses and putting them away again. To develop an effective lawn irrigation system you need quality sprinklers set up in the most effective design for your particular lawns.

At Aqualight, our irrigation systems are capable of precise water delivery across the entire lawn in a way that traditional setups can’t match, giving an even precipitation rate and low water consumption.

It’s well worth investing in a lawn irrigation system and getting it professionally installed. When a system isn’t designed and installed properly, inconsistency in water placement means you can be left with brown patches and circular patterns in your lawns. The skilled team at Aqualight will ensure even water distribution for all lawn shapes and sizes.

Aqualight Irrigation have been delivering lawn sprinkler systems, including design and installation services to Auckland gardens for many years. If you have any questions take advantage of our local experience and get in touch today.