Garden Irrigation Services – Auckland-Wide

For many of us in Auckland our garden is the jewel in our crown. A healthy attractive garden makes the whole property look its best and in the warmer months they provide an important social space. An automatic watering system is a must have to keep your garden well maintained.

You may have worked hard on the landscaping and spent a lot of time and money to get the garden you love. So it makes sense to look after it and ensure that your garden is kept well-watered and looking its best. Professionally installed and maintained automatic irrigation systems are an investment in your property.

With many years of experience in the Auckland garden irrigation industry, Aqualight have the expertise to provide you with the best automatic garden watering systems for your garden. We use only high quality products that eliminate inefficient water use.

Irrigation is all about getting the right amount of water where you need it when you need it. Our watering systems are controlled by sophisticated units, delivering the right amount of water to each area of the garden at the best time of day, depending on your plants, soil and current weather conditions.

The right garden watering system can provide the required amount of water over a much longer time period than hand watering, reducing run-off and ensuring that the water penetrates more deeply into the soil in your garden. An efficient properly installed garden watering system is easier to manage and better for the health of your garden.

We work with home owners every day to help create efficient garden watering systems that will save time, money and water. We have the expertise to design and install a system for your property so if you live in the Auckland region, why not email Aqualight Irrigation to discuss your garden irrigation system requirements?