Irrigation Design & Installation


Firstly, we organise a site meeting to discuss the project. We then assess the property to determine what irrigation is required and advise you on the products available.


Aqualight will then design an irrigation system to best fit your garden. Each garden differs and will need different amounts of water in each area. We will consider the lawn areas, garden-beds, hedge lines, vegetable gardens and fruit trees. The design will start with an automatic irrigation controller to control your watering sequencing.

From mains powered controllers to battery controllers, Wi-Fi controllers and tap timers, the garden will be broken up into areas (stations). This means each station can have an individual watering frequency to best suit the area.

The combination of pop-up sprinklers, micro sprayers and dripline will be selected depending on the watering needs of the different gardens and lawns.


With the best installation techniques in mind, Aqualight will install the system efficiently and tidily and minimise disruption to your garden. Pipes are generally laid underground out of the way and out of sight.

Pop-up sprinklers are installed below the ground level and pop-up and retract by water pressure. An automatic irrigation controller is installed allowing you to adjust how long and what time to water even while your away from home. Once complete, we make every effort to leave the property clean and tidy.


Your irrigation system is now complete and you are free from the ties of hand watering. Within a few weeks you will see a remarkable difference in the health and appearance of your plants, lawns and property.