Drip Irrigation Systems Design, Supply, Install & Maintenance in Auckland

If you value water efficiency when it comes to maintaining your garden or lawn, drip irrigation is for you. This is a targeted micro-irrigation system where water is delivered directly to the roots of the plants in a slow trickle. You water infrequently but for long periods of time, allowing water to get deep into the soil and soak into the plant roots.

Drip irrigation releases water at a far slower rate than traditional sprinklers, which means that you can walk away from your garden for hours leaving the irrigation system on without wasting water or over-watering. And because of its water efficient design, this only needs to be done once or twice a week.

Drip irrigation systems are particularly useful for certain plants including strawberries, trees or shrubs. It is the best irrigation system for windy conditions – which we see plenty of in Auckland! – and can limit weeds as the soil between plants is not getting watered. When used properly, drip irrigation produces plants that are healthy, happy and thriving.

Through a system of vales, pipes, tubes and emitters, drippers directly target the root, minimising evaporation and increasing water efficiency. Compared to traditional types of irrigation systems like sprinklers or surface irrigation, drip irrigation can certainly save you money on your water bill and help towards your sustainable gardening practice goals.

Aqualight Irrigation supplies a wide variety of drip irrigation products to help enhance your Auckland or North Shore garden and limit wasted water. If you are interested in using drip irrigation, email us today.