Aqualight Irrigation are the absolute leaders in residential and commercial irrigation in Auckland. An automatic irrigation system is a must have in the unpredictable Auckland climate. It is vital for the survival of lawns and gardens through the drier months.

Starting at the irrigation controller (the brains of the system) we recommend installing a Hydrawise Wi-Fi enabled controller. This means we can access our clients controllers remotely to make changes instead of needing to visit the properties to make changes.

Lawn Irrigation

There are many different ways we can water your lawns and gardens.

Generally lawns are easier because the only option is underground pop up sprinklers. The only thing to consider is coverage over the lawn, frequency and duration. Usually once a day watering is sufficient but every lawn is different due to factors such as sub soil, drainage and different types of grass (Fescue, Rye, Couch).

Garden Irrigation

Irrigating your gardens is more complex because of the differing types of gardens and their water requirements. You have 3 options:

  • Pop up sprinklers
  • Micro sprinklers
  • Drip line irrigation

Pop up sprinklers are ideal for larger garden areas including mass plantings. Things to consider is to place the sprinkler where it wont be blocked by plants.

Micro sprinklers are suitable for smaller gardens areas and have different sized nozzles including 360, 180 and 90 degree nozzles. They even have a side strip nozzle. There a many different nozzle options.

Drip line irrigation has gained a bad reputation over the years but we find it suitable for hedge lines including tall trees and smaller buxus. The advantage is the water gets right on the root ball where spray line struggles.

Irrigation design.

Aqualight Irrigation has an inhouse irrigation designer to design a tailor made irrigation system. All we need is a landscape plan, preferably with a planting plant. We also say its better to do the homework first before jumping into the project, especially in the bigger projects. Invest in a landscape plan for your landscaping project, then you know the end product. Invest in good soil and mulch your gardens. Mulching your gardens will half your water usage. I don’t need to tell you about the water restrictions in Auckland? Have you considered Rain harvesting?

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